Address Whitelisting

This page of the documentation details whitelisting for IP Addresses. If you would like to learn to whitelist currency addresses, see Account Management

IP Whitelisting is a security feature to ensure maximum security of your trading account. Using this feature, only IP addresses you specify will be able to access your account on Aquanow services. You can whitelist a maximum of 5 IP addresses

To access this feature, go to the user account dropdown at the top right corner of the screen and select "IP Whitelist".

Within the IP Whitelist page, you can view and edit your whitelisted IP addresses. There are no addresses by default.

Enter the IP address you would like to whitelist. Note that inputted addresses must be in the IPv4 format.

Double-check the address, then confirm the dialog.

Now your IP address is whitelisted and appears on the table. You may whitelist additional addresses, up to a maximum of 5 in total. You may also delete addresses from the whitelist.

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