What happens if a transaction is double-spent?

We only consider a transaction valid when it reached the confirmation threshold. Double-spent transactions won't be considered part of the payment.

What happens if a late payment?

AquaPay guarantees the trade price for 20 minutes after a deposit address is created. Any crypto deposit received after 20 minutes will not be converted to fiat and will reside in the merchant's wallet balance. Merchants can then choose to payout the crypto or convert it.

see Scenario Examples for more details.

In what scenario is a bill overpaid?

A bill is considered overpaid if the received fiat amount is larger than the invoiced fiat amount. There are 2 scenarios that can cause a bill to be overpaid:

1. Customer made multiple deposits within 20 minutes, each in an amount less than the invoiced amount but in total more than required, these deposits will be converted to fiat and in total the received fiat can exceed the invoiced amount.

2. Merchant converted residual crypto in a bill.

see Scenario Examples for more details.

What if customer deposited more than invoiced amount?

For every single deposit within expiration time, AquaPay only converts no greater than the invoiced crypto amount to fiat. For example, customer Joe is invoiced for 1 ETH but made two deposits of 1.2 ETH each. AquaPay only converts 2 ETH, and 0.4 ETH will reside in the merchant's wallet balance.

see Scenario Examples for more details.

What testnets are used for Ethereum and Tron network?

Starting 2022-10-06, we switched to Goerli from Ropsten testnet due to its deprecation in 2022 Q4 (https://blog.ethereum.org/2022/06/21/testnet-deprecation).

We use Shasta for Tron network. For more coin assets information, please refer to Testnet and Faucet

Can I keep the generated payment address for future usage?

We strongly discourage this type of usage because AquaPay will recycle the generated addresses at a future point in time. Reusing the generated address may result in missing funds.

Can I keep the received crypto without conversion?

Yes! By specifying strategy parameter in request body in requestPaymentAddress endpoint, you can choose whether or when to convert the received crypto. Please see here for more information.

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